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Keeping Betta Fish
This page contains more Customer Comments and our Replies about keeping Betta Fish.

Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Keeping Betta Fish.

Click here to go to the page about buying Male Bettas, or click here to go to the page about buying Female Bettas.


Customer Comments

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your wonderful information and advice on Betta fishes. My son has a fascination with anything Elmo and wanted a goldfish so bad he could taste it.
After talking it over with the clerk at PetSmart, I decided a goldfish and the aquarium that comes along with the fish was not going to be an option for us. The clerk recommended we try a Betta fish and I am so happy we did.
We purchased a male red Betta and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. I never thought we would buy any type of fish that would act so happy to see us every time we walk up to his tank.
He swims around and if you put your hand up against the side of his tank he swims by almost trying to say hello. He has been super easy to take care of and feed. I know my entire family will take good care of this fish to ensure he will be around as long as possible. Betta fishes are great!
Thanks again,
Mindy M.
Reply. Hello Mindy. Thank you for your enthusiastic comments about your new Betta Fish. We're glad to know that you've made good use of the  information on about keeping Betta Fish.

Customer Comments

Hello Tom and Nevin,
I know you said that bettas do best in large fish bowls, but I have one in my 10-gallon community aquarium with gouramis, a mollie, a platy, and a cory cat. I have kept bettas in bowls before and they have done well, but this betta is so beautiful and colorful and it just loves to swim around and interact with the other fish.
It is actually very active, where as bettas in fish bowls just swim around in the same spot. I can't help but think a betta would be happier in a tank. What do you think?
Reply. Hello Emily. Thank you for your email and your comments. Almost all Bettas will do well in a large fish bowl.

We use fish bowls that would contain six quarts of water, if filled to the top,, but we put five quarts of water and leave one quart of air at the top, then cover the bowl with a plastic top.

Click here for more about these bowls.

Some male Bettas do not do well in aquariums, because the water flow from the filter is too fast, or because the male Bettas quarrel with other fish, or some other reason.

Other male Bettas, like yours, do very well in an aquarium, and seem to enjoy living in a lively aquarium more than living in a bowl.

You can sometimes even have more than one male Betta in an aquarium, provided that aquarium is large, probably at least four feet wide. But two male Bettas cannot live in the same fish bowl.

I think your aquarium is  the right home for your Betta for now, but another Betta might do better in a bowl, and your Betta may do better at a later time in a large fish bowl.

Thanks again for your interesting comments.

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