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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Buying Betta Fish
This page contains some Customer Comments and our Replies about buying Male Betta Fish.

Click here to go to the page about buying Male Bettas, or click here to go to the page about buying Female Bettas.


Customer Comments

I am sending you this E-mail to let you know that my shipment of bettas has arrived on time and in grate shape. I would like to thank you for the fast professional service.
I was a little worried about the condition the fish would be in after being shipped from California to New York. It's obvious that you have the shipping of fish down to a science.
I am looking forward doing business with you again.

New York
Reply. Hello Ken. We are glad your fish arrived safely and that you are pleased with them. We look forward to serving you again in the future.

Customer Comments

Hello- My betta arrived by Airborne Express today. He is in excellent condition and is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the fast service and your excellent cooperation with my busy schedule.
Thanks again,
Reply. Hello Heidi. Thank you for your quick note. We are always pleased to hear that one of our fish has arrived at it's new home safely.

Customer Comments

I am interested in buying several of your betta varieties. I have seen the pictures on your website and wanted to know if your male rare bettas and male multicolored bettas are the same color as the pictures on the website or if there are major differences in the color patterns from one individual to another.
Reply. Thank you for your question about our Male Bettas.

Every Betta is different from every other Betta. We'll try to match the Bettas we ship you to the ones shown in the pictures.

If you send us a detailed description with your order, we will try to match it.


Customer Comments


My grandfather Joe asked me to write a thank you for the yellow male betta he got from you.  He is 91 years young and been keeping fish for a long time. He said to tell you the male is nicer than the one at the auction here at the fish club for over sixty dollars.
When he saw the extra free yellow female in the box, he said it made him feel like a burglar that got his fish from your hatchery at midnight when the doors were all locked.
Thank you for making my grandfather very happy.
T. S.

Reply. Thank you, T.S. We're glad your grandfather is enjoying his new Yellow Bettas.

Customer Comments


I tell you, Nevin, this site is so informative ... I feel so much more confident about things I am doing with the fish, especially after I read from your site ... I have passed on the site to people I know who are interested in fish and sound care giving ...
We have a local fish store, not a pet store, but one who specializes only in fish, Aqua ..., and I trust your site more than the people there. I am sometimes very impulsive when I get but I certainly am going to look at getting some stuff ... I am thinking about doing a second betta bowl and want to get the one from you with the betta, snail and ghost shrimp.
Oh by the way, I put a thermometer in my fish bowl to check the water and 'Creole' attacked it ... I took it out as soon as I got a reading ... I don't think he will respond well to adding any new life to his environment. He is spoiled ... I am having a problem keeping the temp above 70 but I guess he will adapt ... He is eating well, and blowing bubbles ... sooooo ... Keep up the GREAT work ...
North Carolina

Reply. Thank you, Carla, for your comments. Good luck with your Bettas.

Customer Comments

id just like to say, you have he best betta selection yet! ive seen beautiful bettas, but your bettas take the cake!
i always thought feamle bettas are boring, but after seeing your selection, i go on everyday to see them and i want to get some (too bad i live in Canada!) but i just love your selection, hopefully you will ship to Canada for all those betta lovers up north.
also if you didnt know your bettas with short fins? the proper name for short finned bettas is "Betta Plakat" just to let you know.
Reply. Hello again Faisal. Thank you for your complimentary comments about the female Bettas that we sell at

Click here to see the list of Female Bettas for sale now.

Thanks for the information about the Short Finned Bettas too. Click here to see them now.


Customer Comments

Hi Just had to email you that my 3 new female betta fish arrived safe and sound and are gorgeous. The yellow is so pretty, as is the red and green.
I called a little while ago and thanked a nice man who answered for the quality and care, not to mention advice he gave me.
I am new at this, and hope to be successful and enjoy my 3 females, and 3 males. Thank you for a wonderful and informative website, I will be purchasing soon from you.
chris f.
Reply. Hello Chris. Thank you for your email.

Customer Comments

Hi, I recieved my order today. The fish look super. Thank you for sending me the beautiful red betta like I asked. He is great.
Also, thank you so much for adding the panda corys. They are so cute! I love them.
Thanks again.
Rhonda L.
Green River, WY
Reply. Hello Rhonda, thank you for your email report on the fish you received from us.

I see you ordered two fish bowls, a solid Red Male Betta and four Boesemani Rainbow Fish.

We are always glad to learn that the fish arrived safely, and that you are happy with them.

Thanks again for your order and for emailing us back.

Click here to go to another page in this website where there are more Customer Comments and Replies about keeping Betta Fish.
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