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Page 3 about
Breeding Bettas
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Breeding Bettas.

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Customer Comments

I had tried the most commonly known method of breeding bettas for around 8 months and was ready to give up when i heard of this very unusual method.
I now have many fry swimming around my tank, and thought i would share my steps for success with others.
* place female in a semi submerged glass in the males tank.
* leave it there for a day. He will have started to build a nest.
* let the female live in the tank with the male for around four days (yes, this worked)
* then if you are as lucky as i was she will follow him under the nest and breed.
Tip: Don't get attatched to your breeding female incase she does not survive, be tough. i didn't lose on female, and the mother is ready to breed again.
I learnt that if you leave the female in the tank for around an hour, nothing will happen.
i hope this helps you.
Reply. Hello and thank you for your advice.

As I understand your comments, you put your female Betta in a drinking glass, that is say half-full of water, then you float that glass in your aquarium and leave the female in that glass for four days, where your male Betta can see her, before you release her, and then she spawns with your male.


Customer Comments

Hi,   I recently acquired a male Betta, after only about 10 days, I notice an increasing amount of bubbles gathered at the top of the water surface, near the edge of the vase.  He seems to have added more bubbles each day, till now the space covered is about 3 inches long and about i/2 inch deep in the deepest part. I read about the breeding nest, and wonder if that is it.
But now I saw him floating upside down under the bubbles!  Being a complete novice, a fish upside down does not seem like a good sign!  Please tell me what this is all about.  He does go on about his business and eats normally and swims right side up too.  Thanks in advance for your help.
Reply. Hello Gail. Yes it sounds like your male Betta is building a bubble nest. In fact he's building a big bubble nest.

Sometimes males swim upside down to check out their own construction.

But whenever a fish seems to change its behavior patterns, it's wise to check that fish for Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here for a list of some of those Signs. B

ut your Betta is probably just looking at his new nest.


Customer Comments

Thank you for your help!
I am just starting to spawn two betas I got @ the pet store over here in Hawaii, one of them is a Blue crown tail with red wash on his fin( hes really nice !) and the female is a mix between  a steel blue and green with red wash. anyways I was just wondering if you can tell what their offspring would be like?
im really excited about raising the fry in my pond but wouldnt they get lost in a pond because compared to the tiny little fry .... well it seems so large. but how big would they be by the time you could start using crushed fish food and when could you take them out of the pond. are there any other fish you could put with the fry?
well I think is just so great and easy!
Mahalo as we say here in hawaii,
Kawika M.
Reply. Hello again Kawika. I'm sorry to say that I cannot predict what your baby Bettas will grow up to look like.

There will probably be several different color patterns.

I have raised Bettas in rather large ponds and never had a problem with them getting lost.

I suppose they could get lost, if your pond is really huge.

I started feeding the baby Bettas a little bit of the powdered food, after they were two or three week old.

Until that time they are too small to eat the powdered food, but they do fine and grow by eating the very small food that they find in the pond water.

Their rate of growth will depend on the water temperature, the amount of food that they find in your pond, and other various factors.

So you have to just put a little bit of the powdered food on the surface of the water in your pond and try to see, if the baby Bettas will come up to the surface of the water and eat the powdered food.

After you've raised Bettas for a couple of years, you'll get a feel for how much powdered food to feed and when to start feeding it.

I never kept any other fish in the pond with the small Bettas, because I was worried other fish would eat the tiny Betta babies.

But one time I saw some very nice Gold Dojos, which are also called Weather Fish, in a pond with some baby Bettas, and the Weather Fish did not seem to bother the baby Bettas.

We do not now sell Weather Fish, and we don't know where to get any of them.


Customer Comments

Hello, I have this little problem,
I just bought a male and female beta fish last week. The male fish has built a nest of bubbles and I placed the female in today so that they could spawn.
Unfortunately, the male beta attacked her three times and almost killed her, so I took the male out and let the female remain in the 20-gallon tank in hopes that she will heal. surprisingly, so far she seems okay ... i really want to spawn the two, but i'm not sure if the male fish will attack her again.
I'm not even sure if the female is ready to be put into a tank with a male. she has a pouchy belly with a small white dot coming from beneath her, I assumed that this was an egg of hers ready to come out, but i might be wrong. Please help me figure all of this out.
Thank you,
Reply. Hello Catalina. Thank you for sending us your interesting comments.

First I would not try to spawn Bettas a week after getting them. Give them more time to adjust to their new homes.

Let your female rest and be sure she has recovered.

I think the white dot you observed may indicate that she has eggs and will be ready to spawn, after she has rested for a couple of weeks.

Click here and carefully read all nine things you must really know to breed Bettas.

In particular focus on (4) and (5) about conditioning and feeding your female.

I also recommend you place your male so he can see your female. If he is in a fish bowl, put the bowl next to the aquarium, where he can see her.

If he sees her all the time, he will probably not be so aggressive, when you put her in his bowl. Another idea is to put the female in a glass in the the male's bowl.

Click here to read about that hint.

A few males seem to be too aggressive to breed. If so, you will need to get another male. 

Click here to go on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about how to spawn Betta fish.
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