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Page 2 about
Feeding Baby Betta Fish
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Spawning Bettas.

Click here to go back to the first page of this discussion about Spawning Bettas and Raising Baby Betta Fish.

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Click here to listen to a Special Show titled "Hatching Baby Brine Shrimp", an MP3 PodCast, hosted by the Bailey Brothers on Pet Fish Talk.
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Customer Comments

I thought maybe I could add to your page about breeding bettas. You can raise the betta fry in an aquarium, but there are a few important things to remember.
1) You have to feed them several times a day. They can easily starve in a few hours, especially in a "clean" aquarium with no infusoria to graze on.  Try boiling an egg, crumbling a tiny part of the yolk into a little water in a jar or something you can shake, and feeding that.
2) You have to change the water almost every day, which can be tricky due to having such tiny fry in the water!  But they grow very quickly when given enough water changes and food.  (A good way to keep them is in a tank with *no* gravel, only lots of floating plants. Live plants also add a little infusoria, generally).
3) You should keep the tank covered as much as possible to keep the air temperature just above the water the same as the water temperature.  When their labyrinth organ first develops, and they go to the surface to breathe, they can develop pneumonia if the air temp is too cold!
-heather h.
Reply. Thank you, Heather, for the additional information. We were never able to raise the Betta babies in an aquarium.

We tried feeding them cooked egg yolk just like you advised, but it always polluted the aquarium water.

Your advice sounds like a lot more work than just pouring the Betta fry into a pond like we did.

But if you don't have a pond, and you want to try breeding Bettas, then the advice in Heather's email will certainly help. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

The little female that I purchased for breeding with one of my males owes you her life!  The beautiful blue male was extremely aggressive toward her, and was not allowing her to feed.  After reviewing your site, I determined that the female should have only been introduced to him for an hour or two for spawning purposes when ready.
She now has "her own pad".
Pembroke Pines, Florida
Reply. Hello Suzanne and thank you for your interesting comment.

Customer Comments

If the male beta has only made bubbles on the rim of the tank  should I place the female in with him or wait till he makes the nest larger?
Reply. Hello Armanda. Wait until your Male Betta has built a good size bubble nest.

I have a purple and white male that just built a triangular bubble nest in the corner of his bowl, the nest is about 1" long on each edge, and at the thickest part it's 3 or 4 bubbles thick. He is ready for a female Betta.

It's now a couple of days later, and the bubble nest is bigger and much thicker.

I carefully counted the depth of the bubbles along the edge of the fish bowl, and the bubble next is about 10 thick.

I'm sure it's time to put a nice plump female in the bowl.


Customer Comments

How long should it take for the male to make a nest that large? Is there a way to make the male build a bubble nest (putting leaves on top of the water to stimulate the behavior?) ?
Reply. Hello again Armanda. Male Bettas build bubble nests, when they feel good. Perhaps it's better to say that Male Bettas build bubble nests, when they sense that condition will be good to spawn.

This means good water and plenty of food.

Fresh Water - remove 20% of the water each day from your fish bowl and replace that water with fresh bottled drinking.

Click here for more information about how to change water in your fish bowl.

A Clean Fish Bowl - carefully clean your fish bowl at least once a month.

Click here for more information about how to clean a fish bowl.

Lots of Good Food - feed them BettaMin, Freeze Dried Worms, Live or Frozen Brine Shrimp, and live Black Worms.

Click here for more information about feeding fish.

Click here for more information about Live Black Worms.

Warmer Water - warm the water by about 4 degrees F. to a maximum of 80 degrees.

Live and plastic plants seem to help, but I have never really noticed that floating stuff helps.

If your male still doesn't build a bubble nest, you need to be patient and continue giving him good care.


Customer Comments

I read your info on breeding bettas.  it sounded cool so i  tried it. guess what.  i have bettas out the wazoo.  well its great.
thanx for the lesson on breeding them.
Murray, Utah 84123
Reply. Hello Craig and thank you for sharing you success with us.

Customer Comments

I love your site! I am the owner of 4 male bettas all in their own great big fish bowls, and the information that i have found within your site has really helped out a lot.
I really enjoy my bettas, they are all so different from one another not just in color but in personality as well.  I have recently given them the company of African Dwarf frogs and they seem to be doing really well, and also they love the live blood worms i feed the frogs.  My one betta is so spoiled he snubs his other food until i give him some juicy worms.
I am looking forward to adding some Ghost Shrimp and White clouds to their bowls as they seem to enjoy the company of others.  My beautiful purple betta likes pushing his friend froggie around with his snout and surprisingly the little Dwarf frog stands his ground and attempts to push him back.
I really just wanted to say thank you for all your information and the knowledge you share on this site. It has been a great help to both me and others that i have refered to this site with their fish problems from bettas to oscars.
A. Rea & Aquatic Friends

Reply. Hello. We enjoy reading that you are enjoying this web site and making good use of the information on it.

Thank you for sending us your interesting comments.


Customer Comments

I have a comment about breeding Bettas. I have bred Bettas several times in a 10-gallon aquarium without a pump, with sand as a floor, a thermometer set at 78 degrees, floating plastic or real folage and a female who stays with the male until the eggs are laid.
When the eggs are laid, I removed the female and monitored the hatching. After the babies hatched I removed the male. I did not change the water. As you can imagine, it gets nasty, which the babies seem to love at first. I fed them baby brine shrimp and brine shrimp eggs as well as crushed food.
When the babies became netable, I removed them to a clean environment and continue the feeding. They are delicate; the biggest problem I have is keeping my cats from drinking them. They must taste delicious because on more than one occasion I have seen a cat hanging upside down and squeezing its face into a three inch slot.
Lesa D.
Bowling Green KY 42103
Reply. Thank you for your description of your first hand experiences.

Incidentally, we do not recommend using sand in aquariums or fish bowls, because the water does not circulate well through the sand, and it soon becomes polluted.

You can substitute a thin layer of aquarium gravel that is at most 1/4" thick.

Click here for more about aquarium gravel.


Customer Comments

I had a male and female betta mate and lay eggs but the eggs never developed. Everything went according to the book until .. no fry. Was it because the eggs were not fertile .. or the water too cold? I'm lost at this point.
Thanks for any help you can suggest.
Reply. Hello. Perhaps this is the first time this pair spawned. If so it is not unusual that the eggs didn't hatch. Rest your Bettas for a while and give them special care.

Be sure to feed them well, and give them another chance to spawn in a couple of weeks.

The water should be between about 70 and 75 degrees for the eggs to hatch properly.

Don't give up. It may take a few spawns, until both you and your fish get the eggs to hatch.

Click here to go on to another page in this web site with more Customer Comments and our Replies about how to spawn Betta Fish.
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