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Pictures of Aquariums


Aquarium Decorations and Ornaments. Click on this image for more information.
Koi - Click on this image for more information about Koi.
Pet Fish Talk is an Internet-Radio Talk Show about Keeping Pet Fish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls and Ponds, that is hosted by the Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, PT, each Wednesday. Click on this image for more information about Pet Fish Talk.
BIO-Wheel Aquarium Filters. Click on this image for more information.
Click on this image to see a list of over 100 short videos of Tropical Fish.
Champion Koi Show. Expert information about Koi Fish and Ponds.


This page contains pictures of aquariums that visitors to this website have sent to us. Click here to go back to the previous page with pictures of aquariums.

Customer Comments

Decorated Aquarium with about 25 Neon Tetras. Click on this picture to see a bigger picture.
Hai! I just love your website. So informative and exciting to surf. Anyway, i wanna share this picturet with you. Currently, i have abt 25 neon tetras in my 2feet long tank and plenty of ornaments but no plants. Can you suggest some?
Reply. Hello and thank you for sending us a picture of your beautiful aquarium. You wrote that you have ornaments but no plants.

However, your aquarium looks like it contains plants. Maybe that is the background or the plants are plastic, and you are interested in adding some live plants.

My two favorite live plants are the Java Fern and Aponogetons.

Click here to buy live plants.


Customer Comments

yeah i like your site its got great info and i know i know the arowana is probably going to eat my cudas but i will probably sell him i like the cudas too much so hey can you guys help me sell him maybe i dont know its just a silver but hes like 7" right now maybe when hes like 10" i can find a buyer
well anyway thanks for having such informative site
david w.
Reply. Hello David and thank your for the pictures of your very interesting Freshwater Barracudas and Silver Arowana, both natives to the Amazon Rainforest.

Customer Comments

Aquarium with Blood Parrot Cichlids, Red Devil, Gouramis, and a Butterkoferi.
I have had this 50 gal tank...same fish...for two years with 2 blood parrots, 1 red devil, 3 gourami, and 1 butterkoferi.
Reply. Hello and thank you for sending a picture of your aquarium. Best wishes.

Customer Comments


I am Edward Garcia a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marines. Recently my wife and I decided to purchase an aquarium for our daughter (2yrs) and our son (1yr). We always enjoyed looking at aquariums but never knew or imagined how much work was behind keeping it looking good. Our 55 gallon aquarium is a challenge I think it is harder than the MARINES (LOL) or taking care of kids.
Well its fun and we are enjoying the first month. We currently have 1 Zebra Danio (my scout or as I call him my recon fish), 1 tiger barb, 1 rosy barb, 1 gold gourami and a blue paradise gourami. We will wait a few more weeks to add 1 more of each to keep them company.  Attach are some pictures of our pirate theme we tried to portray.
Garcia Family
Reply. A big hello to the Garcia Family! Thank you sending us a picture of your new aquarium plus some interesting comments about your family. Best wishes and best fishes.  ;^}
Send Us Pictures of Your Aquariums
Please include some comments, such as your first name, your location, the size of your aquarium, how long you've had it, the types of fish, etc. We'll post your comments on this page.
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