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Aquarium Picture


Aquarium Decorations and Ornaments. Click on this image for more information.
Koi - Click on this image for more information about Koi.
Pet Fish Talk is an Internet-Radio Talk Show about Keeping Pet Fish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls and Ponds, that is hosted by the Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, PT, each Wednesday. Click on this image for more information about Pet Fish Talk.
BIO-Wheel Aquarium Filters. Click on this image for more information.
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Champion Koi Show. Expert information about Koi Fish and Ponds.


This page contains pictures that visitors to this website have sent to us of their aquariums.

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Wall Aquariums are something new. They fit into the wall, so they are very attractive and make a wonderful center piece to a living room, where they can hang like a piece of living art.

The aquarium filter, air pump, lighting, and heating systems are all built in, making this a completely self-contained unit, that is just about hassle free.


Customer Comments

Aquarium with Live Plants.
Natural Planted Aquarium.
Decorated Aquarium.
Reply. John M. sent us the beautiful pictures, shown above, of his aquariums. Thanks, John. 

Customer Comments

Hexagonal shapped Aquarium. Sometimes called a Hex Aquarium. "Hello! I bought some fish from you several years ago and was very pleased with them (guppies). Since then I have moved and I am starting over with a new tank. I am attaching a picture of the tank... it is set up and I'm doing tests now in order to be ready to add fish soon. I would like to tell you what I'm interested in and request advice on what type(s) fish would be best."
"I want some type of fish that is unusual (has personality:]) pretty to look at, but not so many that it requires a lot of maitenance... I'm not going back with the guppies although I had good luck with breeding and maintaining them. I read about the clown loaches and they seem to be interesting, but I would not want to worry about them jumping out of the tank. What about the bigger tetras? I noticed the blueberry/strawberry are not for sale... will those be on sale any time soon? What do you suggest?"
Thank You!
Misty M.
Reply. Hello Missy and thank you for your e-mail and the picture of your beautiful new hex-aquarium with lots of colorful ornaments. I wonder what they are, and where you got them?

Not all fish do well in a hex-aquarium, like yours, because it doesn't have much horizontal swimming space. So for example, Bala Sharks would not be suitable.

Click here for more about Bala Sharks.

Angelfish would do well, and you could keep a group of say six of them. Angels have a very interesting shape, and very interesting behavior, but they are usually not very colorful.

Click here for more about Angels.

You asked about the Clown Loaches. They do jump, but it looks like you have a good cover on your aquarium. Also Clown Loaches often do not do well in a new aquarium, so you should not add them first.

Click here for more about Clown Loaches. You also asked about the Strawberry and Blueberry Tetras, which are beautiful, but usually change back to Black Skirts Tetras unless fed special color enhancing foods.

Serpae Tetras are very beautiful and get even more colorful as they mature.

Click here for more about Bigger Tetras.

My personal favorite for your hex-aquarium would be Neon Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras, Glowlights, and Black Phantom Tetras, plus a group of hard working Cory Catfish, and maybe a Bushy Nose Plecostomus!

Click here for more about them.

Thanks again for your email and picture.


Customer Comments

My father enjoyed fish hobby when I was a young lad, I'm now 54 years old and felt I wanted to do the same! I found your website and read it several times. I found it to be very complete and easy to follow.
I wanted to have a larger tank, so I bought this beautiful 75 gallon tank on Ebay. I also bought two 10-gallon tanks with a stand to hold them both. I figured I could use one for a sick tank, and the other for what ever came up.
I followed your advise and started with 6 Zebra Danios, also added 1 rainbow shark, and a blue crayfish. As all was going good a month later, I ordered 44 fish fish from you. I used a list of compatible fish on your website.
I'm very happy to inform you that all your fish arrived in good condition, I was thrilled! I've been doing a 20% water change twice a week, and watching them very close. It's been a month now and all are doing very well, they brought beauty and life to my tank!!
I wanted to thank you for having such beautiful and healthy fish, and your great shipping ability. THANK YOU ! I did have to move blue crayfish and rainbow shark to my extra tank. Rainbow shark keep chasing fish all over tank, and blue crayfish kept attacking my two gold fiddler crabs.
Speaking of crabs, I read several comments sent to you on keeping crabs. I've used a pot belly flower pot, filled it about 75% with gravel, laid it on its side, put air in top part. The crabs seem to love getting in the air! One of them are using it about 50% of the time. They are a delight to watch!
Feel free to use this, or any part of this story as you wish!
Once again, Thank you for the beautiful fish, and your great Internet service.
Reply. Hello Steve. Thank you for your first hand account of your experiences. Your aquarium looks very interesting.

We're glad to know that helped you, and thank you for your complimentary comments.

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Send Us Pictures of Your Aquariums
Please include some comments, such as your first name, your location, the size of your aquarium, how long you've had it, the types of fish, etc. We'll post your comments on this page.
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