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Aquarium Pictures


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This page contains pictures that visitors to this website have sent to us of their aquariums.

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Customer Comments

Aquarium pictures.
Aquarium with Neon Tetras and Clown Loaches.
Sandriana Plant in a large aquarium.
I live in Melbourne Australia and I have had my fish tank for four weeks and i love your website. I have a "JEBO" tank 62cm x 36cm x 36cm =20-gallons or 80 litres. I have a powerfilter 300l/hr that siphons the water from below the gravel as per picture. FISH I currently have:
3 x clown loaches 6cm
5 x neon tetras 3.5cm
1 x dwarf gourami (orange) 5cm
1 x black ghost knifefish 7cm ( which i never see)
Plants I currently have:
2 x Variegated rush 1 x Plant growing on wood (still quite small)
1: My two variegated rush plants are getting this reddish sort of rust or sores on the leaves, any idea why? The plants get 7 hrs light per day. (the tank has two fluorescent tubes and i only ever have one on during this time) I am using a liquid fertiliser as per the instructions ("sera" liquid plant fertiliser "florena" recommended by the aquarium)
Water Temperature is 26.5 degrees. 2: When i feed my fish (flakes or blood worms) the clown loaches get into a frenzy and quarrell and chase amongst themselves and chase the tetras individually and even my gourami gets chased. This can last for about 10 minutes during and after feeding. It seems to me that they are trying to show who is boss amongst themselves.
It cant be good for the others, even though they do not get nipped. After this a couple of the loaches will fight each other (seems to be fighting) intermittently for about 15 minutes. I hope they are getting enough food. During the whole day the loaches are quite peaceful towards others, infact the neons seem to follow them as they forrage along the gravel getting any agitated food that floats up. (I do not overfeed fish it all gets eaten)
Should i be concerned about this aggresive behaviour during feeding time or is this normal? 3. What other fish could i add? Something that stays near the top like the gourami. I have heard i can only have one gourami or can i have more? I have attached some images i hope they help.
Thank you in advance and great website!
Frank D.
Reply. Hello Frank. Thank you for your email and for your very good your beautiful aquarium pictures.

First about your plant. It is what we call a Green and White Sandriana (Dracena sanderana), and it is not a good aquarium plant. Click here to read more about why it is "Blacklisted".

Generally, we do not recommend Clown Loaches as tank mates for Neon Tetras. Clown Loaches grow slowly to over 6" and will eat Neons. Click here to read more about Clown Loaches, and click here for more about good tank mates for Neon Tetras.

Your pictures do add to Thank you.


Customer Comments

This picture of Sterling's aquarium shows a young Discus, Redtail Shark, and Neon Tetras.
Wanted to send a picture of my 29 gal tank with 12 Neon's, 1 Discus, 1 Redtail shark and Pleco, which hides all the time.
Read a lot of your website and decided to get the Penguin 170 you recommended. Also change 20% of the water every week as you also suggest. Your advise is greatly appreciated as had tanks 20 years a go and things have changed alot. Tank and fish been setup almost 2 months now and haven't lost any fish.
Was wondering about the Discus, as the ph of water is 7.5 or little higher, He seems to be doing fine, eats well is vigorous and chases the Redtail Shark at feeding time. But know they come from waters that are 6 to 6.5 ph. Does it really matter since I'm not breeding? Have resisted the urge to change the ph so far as all fish doing so well.
Thanks in advance  .................................................  Sterling
Reply. Hello Sterling. Thank you for your comments and the beautiful aquarium pictures.

I'm glad you decided to get a Penguin 170, which is a filter that we recommend for a 29-gallon aquarium like yours. We recommend you change 20% of the water twice a week, not just once a week. The Neon Tetras are good fish for a 29-gallon aquarium.

It's good that you have only one Redtail Shark (RTS), because we say keep one RTS or many RTS but not just a few RTS. However, a RTS is usually not a good tank mate for Neon Tetras. It surprises me that the RTS has not bothered your Neons. Maybe it will, when it gets a little bigger.

Soon your RTS, Discus, and Plecostomus will need a bigger aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water. As you have discovered your Discus will do well in water with a pH of 7.5.

We have kept many Discus in water with a pH of 7.8 and even higher, and the Discus usually do very well in this water, but they will rarely breed in water with a high pH. If they do breed, their eggs will rarely hatch.

Good luck with your aquarium, and thanks again for sending a picture of your aquarium.

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