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Page 2
Pictures of Aquariums


Aquarium Decorations and Ornaments. Click on this image for more information.
Koi - Click on this image for more information about Koi.
Pet Fish Talk is an Internet-Radio Talk Show about Keeping Pet Fish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls and Ponds, that is hosted by the Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, PT, each Wednesday. Click on this image for more information about Pet Fish Talk.
BIO-Wheel Aquarium Filters. Click on this image for more information.
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Champion Koi Show. Expert information about Koi Fish and Ponds.


This page contains pictures that visitors to this website have sent to us of their aquariums.

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Customer Comments

Hexagonal or Hex aquarium with Tropical Fish and ornaments.
Reply. Hello Arielle. Thank you for sending us a picture of your beautiful hex-aquarium. It's called a hex, because it has six sides and the base is in the shape of a hexagon.

I like the black canopy top, the big piece of driftwood, the plants, and the ornamental pagoda in the foreground. The overall combination is very nice. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

Actually the picture isnt of my aquarium i just thought you (plural) would like it i always send pictures along w/ my phots so i cant take the credit sorry
your loving fan
Reply. Hello again Arielle. Oh, Oh. Now we may be violating the copyright of the owner of the picture of the hex-aquarium shown above.

I like the photo a lot, and I wish the owner of would contact us and give us permission to show it here on


Customer Comments

Aquarium picture with an Angelfish.      
Hi, my name is Bobby Williams ... These are some pictures of my 55 gallon tropical aquarium. In my tank, I have 1 angefish, 1 bruno pleco, 2 opaline gouramis, and a couple of other fish.
Reply. Hello Bobby. Only one of the pictures that you sent to us was suitable, and that picture looks real good. Your Angelfish looks very healthy. Congratulations on your beautiful aquarium, and thank you for sending the picture to us.

Customer Comments

Aquarium picture with one Tiger Barb and a Bushy Nose Plecostomus.
Hi Tom and Nevin, I just wanted to write to you guys thanking you for all your help in starting up my new tank! I've never ordered fish from you (I have a really nice aquarium shop close to me) but all of your tips about compatibility and filtration really helped out in getting my new tank started up right.
I have forgone the undergravel filter as per your advice and just used the penguin 170 in my 29 gallon tank. I do have a bit more than ? inch of gravel in my tank, but that is just to keep my live plants rooted.
My cycling method was a bit unorthodox but I got it to complete in two weeks (one of the things I do professionally is demineralize and condition water for high voltage applications)! I currently have seven Zebra Danios, six Tiger Barbs and a Bushy Nose Pleco in the tank, all are doing very well.
My ammonia and nitrites are at zero and I'm afraid that my Naja's are going to reach out of the tank and strangle me! I added some pebbles to keep the Pleco from destroying my plants along with some nice caves to keep him and my future loaches safe (I missed some snail eggs apparently with the live plants, so need those snail-busters).
In the end, my tank will be seven Zebra Danios, six Tiger Barbs, one Bushy Nosed Pleco, two Pearl Gouramis and three Loaches (I'd prefer to get those Yoyo's but may not be able to find them locally? I already have the Tigers?, don't need any more fish that look like them).
I know that this plan exceeds the 1? per gallon guideline but I'm pretty confident that we can make it work! I'm including a picture of my Bushy Nose Pleco "Hanging out" with a Tiger Barb? that's his cave but he spends most of him time hanging from the roof of it, no matter what the hour. The Bushy's are surprisingly friendly and not at all skittish.
I've only had this Pleco for a few days and already he comes over to visit me when I fix the destruction he causes in the tank! Closest thing I've seen to a ?cat?fish yet!
Thanks again guys for helping me out with my tank and doing right by my fishes!
Alex W.
Reply. Hello Alex. Thank you for sending us the picture of your aquarium, which shows one Tiger Barb and your Bushy Nose Pleco that's "hanging out" of its cave.

We also enjoyed reading about the details of your aquarium. Thank you for your compliments. We can see you've made good use of the information on to put together a beautiful aquarium.

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Send Us Pictures of Your Aquariums
Please include some comments, such as your first name, your location, the size of your aquarium, how long you've had it, the types of fish, etc. We'll post your comments on this page.
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