Aquarium Fish, Tropical Fish, and Goldfish for sale |  
Aquarium Fish, Tropical Fish, and Goldfish for sale |

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is usually $34.99
Or $16.99 to Southern California.

on Orders over $169.99
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Special Requests
When you order, you can include Special Requests that you would like us to keep in mind, as we catch and pack your order.
For example, you might include a Special Request for a particular color for your fish, like a Dark Blue Male Betta, or you might request that we ship 3 Male and 6 Female Platies, as shown below on the example order.

Or you might need to have the package with the fish delivered on a particular day of the week such as Friday.


No Minimum Order
Order as many fish as you want.

There are five ways to order from us. Click here to read the details about each of these ways to order. Below are the details about how you can add a Special Request for each of these methods of ordering.
Use our Shopping Bag
After you finish entering your items, click on the button labeled "Checkout" in our Shopping Bag.

During the checkout process, you will be given an opportunity to enter your phone number and a Special Request.

Click here for more information about adding a Special Request to your order.


Be sure to include your name and address (not a P.O. Box Number), your telephone number, and your email address on your order, then list the Quantity, Item number, and Description for each item as given on one our Price List pages.

Click here now to see one of our Price List pages.

The companies that deliver the packages of fish will not accept a package with a P.O. Box Number, so you must include your street address.

The delivery companies also want a phone number to call, in case they cannot find your address, so be sure to include your phone number with your Order.

California Sales Tax of 8% (0.08) applies to orders shipped by us to addresses in the state of California. We do not collect any sales tax on an order shipped to an address outside of California.

There is one charge for Packing and Shipping for each order to one address, and that charge is shown in the shopping bag.

You can order as many fish and as many different kinds of fish, frogs, crabs, shrimps, and plants as you want.

You might order one fish, or you might order one-hundred fish. No matter how small or how big your order is, you pay the same amount for shipping that entire order to one address.


If you still have a question.
Click on our Terms of Business, our Warranty, and our Information to find an answer.

If you've read these pages and still have an important unanswered question about this site, click here to go to our Search Page where you can search for a word or phrase anywhere in this web site.

Click here to go on to another page about adding a Special Request to your order.
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