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How We Ship Fish
This page explains how we'll go about shipping Tropical Fish and goldfish to you. Read about the message we'll send you confirming your order and when we'll ship. There is even a story about shipping fish on a page at a link at the bottom of this page.
 Our Improved Packing
Our crew has made some very interesting discoveries and improvements to the way we insulate packages of fish going to hot and cold destinations. The results have been great. We can now ship to most places most of the time without endangering the fish in the box.
By the way we always ship in new tough corrugated cardboard boxes with thick foam liners to protect the fish from changes in temperature.
The fish are packed and shipped in the late afternoon and usually arrive the following day before noon to minimize the shipping time and the stress to the fish. We have less than 1 in 1000 fish reported DOA, which is much better than most fish going home from local pet stores.
We ship live fish all over the U.S. If you're concerned about shipping and want to talk about the details, call us at 1-858-270-1182 between about 9 am and 3 pm, Pacific Time, Monday through Thursday and ask to speak with Freddie. He's here to help you with your order and give it lots of Tenda' Lovin' Care!
 Overnight vs. Next Day?
Almost all of our online competitors charge you more for Next Day Shipping than we charge for Overnight Shipping. With our overnight shipping you'll usually get the fish before noon, but with their Next Day Shipping you'll usually get the fish in the late afternoon.
We pay more for Overnight, but it's worth it, because we love our fish and want to minimize their time in the box and the stress of shipping. Packages from us leave here in the late afternoon and usually arrive the next day before noon, and our fish prefer it that way.  ;^ }
Cold Weather?
Even during cold weather we can usually ship to you. If needed we'll add heat packs to keep your fish warm, and there is no additional charge to you for heat packs. If it's so cold in your area that it's too risky to ship your fish, we'll quickly notify you. We can then often arrange to ship during a warm spell. If you have a question about ordering during cold weather in your area, contact us by clicking here.
Hot Weather?
If you live in an area, where the temperatures are really hot, we can usually ship to you. We may add an ice pack, if needed, at no additional cost to you. If it's so hot in your area that it's too risky for the fish, we'll quickly notify you. We can then arrange to ship, when the weather is cooler. If you have a question about ordering during hot weather in your area, contact us by clicking here.
big stack of boxes of fish to be shipped to our customers at    This picture shows a couple of California Guys working in our facility near a stack of boxes that are full of fish and ready for shipment to our customers.
Terms of Business
Click here to read our Terms and Conditions of Business. By using this site or ordering merchandise from us, you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions of Business.
Will it work for you? As mentioned elsewhere some customers wonder if they can really get fish delivered directly to them from San Diego. We have shipped live fish for many years all over the world, and we're confident we can ship almost anywhere. See section 1 below for information about where we ship.
We minimize the risk to our customers with our warranty. Click here for the complete details about our warranty.

No Minimum Order
Order as few or as many fish as you want.

1. Where do we Ship?
Right now we will ship to the 48 continental states of the United States.

We ship to Hawaii, and these shipments of live fish to Hawaii require a special permit. There is an additional charge of Shipping_Charge_to_AK_and_HI to ship to Hawaii. Click here for more information about shipping live fish to Hawaii.

If you are in Anchorage or Fairbanks, Alaska, email us, and we may be able to arrange to safely ship to you during warm weather. There is an additional charge of Shipping_Charge_to_AK_and_HI to ship to Anchorage or Fairbanks in Alaska. We do not ship to other cities in Alaska.

Outside of the United States?
For various reasons that are beyond our control, we cannot ship outside the U.S., and we do not foresee shipping outside the U.S. in the future.
We apologize for any disappointment this causes people, who live in areas that we do not ship to. In particular this has disappointed people living in Canada, but we are unable to ship to Canada.
2. When will Your shipment arrive?
Right now we ship on Tuesday through Friday to arrive the next day on Wednesday through Saturday. In our experience Tuesday through Thursday are the best days to ship, and the shipment should arrive to you the next day before noon in most cases. For more information please view the table titled "Delivery Schedule"  above on this page.

We can also arrange for delivery to you on Saturday for an additional fee of Saturday-Delivery-Charge that is charged to us by the delivery companies.

On weekends most carriers have less staff to help solve problems. The possibility of a problem is small, but it is the smallest during the week and a little bit higher on the weekend. Generally we'd like to minimize the risk to our fish and maximize the convenience to you, our customers.

We adjust the shipping details for different types of fish and different destinations. But we send each customer an email before we ship that explains the details of their shipment.

How we Ship Fish.
We single bag many of the fish: one fish to a bag. We also double bag: a second bag around the first bag in case one of the bags leaks. The bags of fish are packed inside a Styrofoam liner to protect the contents from temperature changes, and the Styrofoam liner goes inside a cardboard carton. That's about it.
Most professional shippers of live fish know all about these details. We don't claim to have any secrets, but we do focus on getting all the details right. Click here for more details about how we ship fish.
Boxes of Tropical Fish ready to be shipped to customers of   Here's another picture in our facility with another stack of boxes that are full of fish and ready for shipment to our customers.
Our Confirmation to You
After we receive an Order, we will email back a confirmation saying that we received your order. Within a couple of days we will schedule a shipping date and notify you with a second email.
The second email will contain the shipping date, the name of the delivery company, our estimate of the date and time of delivery to you, and a tracking number, so you can track your shipment from us to you. We will also send you some information about how to prepare to receive the fish.
Important, we must have your correct email address or you will not receive our confirmation. From time to time we get an order that contains an old email address that no longer works, and so we cannot reply to confirm the order and that worries us a lot !
e sure to check the login email address in your PayPal account to be sure it still works !
3. Charges for Shipping
There is one charge per order of shipping. This includes the cost of the shipping materials and the delivery companies charges, which will be pre-paid by us. This makes the shipping costs simple and easy to understand.
You pay for the fish at the prices given on our Price List plus one charge of shipping
per shipment. If you order one fish or one-hundred fish the shipping charges are the same. There are usually no other charges or fees of any kind. Click here to see a simple example of an order, showing all the charges.
We also offer optional Saturday delivery to most locations for an additional Saturday-Delivery-Charge charge. Click here for information about Saturday delivery. 
There is an addition charge of Shipping_Charge_to_AK_and_HI for shipments to Hawaii or to Anchorage and Fairbanks in Alaska during warm weather.
There is always an additional charge of Shipping_Charge_to_AK_and_HI for shipments to Anchorage and Fairbanks in Alaska and to Hawaii. If you request delivery on Saturday, there is an additional charge of Saturday-Delivery-Charge.
If you send us an order with an incorrect address, we will charge you an additional $3.00 to change it. If your incorrect address is not corrected and goes to the shipper, we will be charged $10.00, and we will bill you for that amount. So double-check to be sure your address is correct, BEFORE you make the final click to send us an order.
Questions about ...
If you have a question, please click on these four links for more information.
for information about our Terms of Business.
Click here to read about our Live Delivery Warranty.
Click here to read several Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here for information about How to Keep Fish.
If you've read these pages and still have an important unanswered question about this site, then click here to go to our Search Page, enter a word or a phrase, then click on the button labeled "Start Search" to help you find an answer to your question.
Click here to go to another page in this web site which contains more details about how we pack and ship live fish.
Click here to go to another page in this web site with Customer Comments and our Replies about how we ship live fish to our customers.
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This page was updated on November 13, 2015.


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