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Page 4 about
Compatible Fish Species

This page contain Customer Comments and our Replies about Compatible Fish Species. Click here now to go back to the previous page in this discussion of Compatible Fish Species.


Customer Comments

Hi I have two questions the first question is how warm sould the water sould be for angles and platies. The second question is what fish do good togeter, I all ready have 4 angles, 2 platies, two guppies, and 2 cardnale tetras and there doing fine.
Doug L.
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Reply. Hello Doug. I'll discuss each of your fish.
(1) Click here to go to our Index of Tropical Fish and look for Angelfish in the big yellow table on that page. The top part of that table looks like the table just below.
Tropical Fish Names in Alphabetical Order Prices Info
Abramite Head Stander X
African Arowanas X
African Black Knifefish
African Tiger Fish X
Angelfish (are actually Cichlids) Angelfish for sale online
Tropical Fish Names in Alphabetical Order Prices Info
In the complete table there are a lot more rows below the row with the Angelfish. I colored the row with the Angelfish with a brighter yellow, like this   Angelfish ...  Click on the blue button in the row for Angelfish now.

That button will take you to the page with information about Angels, where you can read, "As Angelfish grow larger, they become very efficient at stalking and eating small fish like Guppies and Neon Tetras." So your Angels are not compatible tank mates for small fish like your Guppies and Cardinal Tetras.

Your Guppies and Cardinal Tetras will be in danger of being eaten by your Angels, when the Angels get big enough.
(2) Click here to go back to the Index of Tropical Fish again. Notice the names are in alphabetical order. Scroll down the big yellow table to find the row with Platies.
Click on the blue button on the far right in that row. That button will take you to the page with information about Platies. Click here now to go directly to the page about Platies.
(3) Now use the Index table to find Guppies, or click here to go directly to the page about Guppies, where you can read, "Fancy Guppies are best kept in a group with a few male Fancy Guppies and several female Fancy Guppies." Two Guppies usually will not do well living together. They need to live in a group.
On the Guppy page you can also read, "Swordtails and Platies are also not good tank mates for Guppies." So your Platies are not good tank mates for your Guppies.

(4) Finally use the Index table to find Cardinal Tetras, or click here to go directly to the page about Cardinals, where you can read that Cardinals are members of the group that we call Small Tetras, and this group does best living together with at least six members of their species. So your two Cardinals need to live with more Cardinals.
I recommend that in the future you read about each type of fish, before you buy that type of fish.
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Customer Comments

I've been browsing your site, and it has been very informative. It has given me a few ideas for stocking a new 55 gallon freshwater tank I have had running for a week or so, waiting to fill.
I thought I'd run it by you, to see what you thought of the fish combination. It's dimensions are 48x13x20, with gravel, a Penguin 170 Bio-wheel filter, and an Aquaclear 200 filter. For fish, was thinking:
7 or 8 Dwarf Gouramis, male and female
A school of 6-8 Rainbows, haven't decided what species yet
A school of  8 or so Livebearers, either platies, mollies, or swordtails
1 spiny eel
Which is the only fish that will need to eat Live Black Worms or Ghost Shrimp, and might eat small fish.
1 rainbow shark
Do you think these fish could live healthily together?
Would you change or add anything? I'd appreciate any comments, ideas, or support you can offer. I'm just brainstorming, and don't need to adhere to this list very closely.
Many Thanks,
-Brian M.

Reply. Hello Brian. First, a Penguin 170 is rated for an aquarium with up to about 35 gallons of water. Yours has 55 gallons. You have a second filter, but it doesn't have a bio-wheel, and we do not recommend filters without bio-wheels.

For your aquarium I'd recommend a Penguin 330 or Emperor 400 filter, which are both rated for aquariums with up to about 70 gallons.

Dwarf Gouramis will do very well in a 55-gallon aquarium. I'd try to get 3 males and 5 or more females. For variety I'd get a regular male, a Fire Red Male, and a Neon Blue Male. They are different color varieties of the same species. Click here to see all three varieties. Click here for more information about Dwarf Gouramis.
I also like the Rainbows. All of the species will do well. My first choice would be the Neon Dwarf Rainbow. Click here for more about Rainbows. These are schooling fish and 6 to 8 will make a nice school.
If you get the Livebearers, get three males and five or six females.
A Spiny Eel would be very interesting, but it is the only fish that will require live food such as Live Black Worms, Ghost Shrimp, and small fish. Click here for more about Spiny Eels.
I'd substitute a school of Zebra Danios or Tiger Barbs for the Livebearers, then all your fish would be from "Asia" and seem more realistic to me. Click here for more about Danios, and click here for more about Tiger Barbs.
Thank you for your interesting email. By the choices you list for the fish in your new aquarium, I can see that you have already learned a lot.
Good luck with your fish.

Customer Comments

Hi I was wondering if a male fancy tail guppie, a black phantom tetra, a white cloud, and a harlequin raspora could live together? also backups for those include: dwarf gourami, glowlight tetra, zebra danio, neon tetra.
Tristan N.
Reply. Hello Tristan. Thank you for your email question. Yes Guppies, Black Phantom Tetras, White Clouds, and Harlequin Rasboras, Glowlight Tetras, and Neon Tetras are all compatible and members of what we call Group 1. Click here for more about Group 1.
But Zebra Danios are usually too energetic for the fish in Group 1, and Dwarf Gouramis are too big for them.
Incidentally, all the fish that you listed in Group 1 prefer to live with several members of their species.

Customer Comments

Hi. I really like your site, and I go here at least once a day. It is soooo cool.
I have a question. I really don't know what group of fish to get. I am getting another tank for my birthday which is on Halloween. But I don't know what kinds of fish to get!
Here is a list of fish groups that can fit in that aquarium and that I want:
1. A betta and a few cory cats
2. A tiger barb, a zebra danio, and a cory cat
3. Two or three tiger barbs
4. Two mollies and a platy
5. A few zebra danios
Those are the groups I can choose from. Which one would be the most convenient, colorful, and easy to care for?
I really don't know what group to get!
And do you have any more suggestions for groups? I would put a betta with a few other fish too, but I'm too afraid to for some reason.
So, uh, help...?
Reply. Hello Amanda and thank you for your email, we're glad to know you think this site is cool. I'll go over each of the five groups that you listed.
(1) A Betta and a few Cory Catfish will do well together. Bettas are usually very colorful, as I'm sure you know. Cory Catfish live best in a group with at least 6 of their species. Most Cory Catfish are not colorful, but they are cute and interesting little dwarf catfish. Click here to read more about Cory Catfish.
(2) A Tiger Barb, a Zebra Danio, and a Cory Catfish. Oh, Oh! These are all schooling fish that live best in a group with at least 6 of their species. Click here for more about schooling fish. In our opinion Tiger Barbs are colorful, click here to read more about them.
(3) Two or three Tiger Barbs. These are colorful, hardy, energetic, schooling, that live best in a group with at least 6 Tiger Barbs.
(4) Two Mollies and a Platy. These are also schooling fish. I would say the Gold Mollies are very colorful. A group of 6 will eventually all grow to be larger than 3.5" long and need an aquarium with at least 20 gallons of water, and an even bigger aquarium is better for Mollies. Click here and read about Mollies. Platies are very colorful schooling fish that can grow to be about 2" long, sometimes bigger, and a group of 6 will eventually require a 15 gallon aquarium. Click here for more about Platies.
(5) A few Zebra Danios. Wonderful, energetic, schooling fish. Click here to learn more about them. I would not say Zebra Danios are colorful.
I like all the fish you listed. The Betta Fish and Platies are the most colorful. They are compatible. You could keep a Male Betta Fish and 6 to 8 more Platies in a 20-gallon aquarium.
Actually a 20-gallon long aquarium would be better than a 20-gallon regular or tall aquarium, because the Platies like an aquarium with lots of area. There is nothing to be afraid about this combination. Good luck with your new aquarium.
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