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aquarium decorations and ornaments for freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums at, where you can shop online for is fun.    
This page shows many different types of Aquarium Decorations and Aquarium Ornaments, which are made of non-toxic materials that are completely safe for all freshwater and saltwater fish and will greatly enhance the beauty of aquariums like the one shown below.
Aquarium decorated with ornaments.  
Safe for All Pet Fish
A real rocks from your backyard or a piece of driftwood from the beach may not be safe for your aquarium. For example, backyard rocks have often absorbed fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals, which can dissolve in an aquarium and cause trouble. We highly recommend that everything going into an aquarium be labeled for use in aquariums.

Aquarium Action Decorations. Click on this image to buy now.

  Action Decorations
Wonderfully detailed and the perfect addition to any aquarium. These decorations require a small air pump and airline tubing to operate (sold separately). Use an airline valve for precision control. Click here to buy now.

Aquarium Decorations. Driftwood. Click on this image to buy now.

  Real Driftwood
Genuine aquarium driftwood ornaments vary in shape and color from the pictures below. Genuine driftwood is a beautiful, natural addition to a freshwater aquarium, and some fish, like Plecos., even enjoy snacking on it. Click here to buy now.

Aquarium Decorations- Rocks and caves. Click on this image to buy now.

Aquarium Rocks & Caves
provide fishes with much-needed shelter, protecting them from stress and other fishes. These durable non-toxic ornaments can be combined to form rock structures. Click here to buy now.

Aquarium Decorations. Barnacle. Click on this image to buy now.

Artificial Invertebrates
Want the gorgeous colors and shapes of a reef aquarium - without all the work? Artificial aquarium corals and invertebrates are for you! These non-toxic ornaments transform your freshwater or saltwater tank into a lifelike reef that fools the eye and is easy on the wallet. Click here now to buy.

Aquarium Decorations. Castles. Click on this image to buy now.

Aquarium Castles
You know your fishes are the lords of their domain - why not give them an aquarium castle to make it official? Aquarium castles and other building ornaments are an easy way to give an aquarium that lived-in feel, adding instant character and places for your fish to shelter. Click here to buy now.

Aquarium Decorations. Asian Buildings. Click on this image to buy now.

Asian Inspired Buildings
If you're looking for the flair of the Far East, our Asian decorations feature Asian architecture and Asian-inspired designs that will make any fish feel at home, wherever their origin. The beautiful details in these faithful replicas are stunning in an aquarium - use them as centerpieces. Click here to buy now.

Aquarium Decorations. Shipwreck. Click on this image to buy now.

Shipwreck Decorations
Shipwreck ornaments are long-standing favorites in aquarium decorating - perhaps it is our sense of irony, or maybe the ornaments are so beautifully rendered we can't resist. Our aquarium shipwreck ornaments have great details and are non-toxic, and most provide hiding places for your fishes. Click here to buy.

Aquarium Decorations. Artificial Plants. Click on this image to buy now.

Artificial Plants
over 200 beautifully detailed artificial aquarium plants available in silk and plastic. Saltwater, freshwater, edible - whatever your needs, we have the perfect choice for your tank. Click here now to buy.
Click here to buy many other aquarium decorations and ornaments.    
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