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Aquarium Fish for Sale
Order some and we'll ship them to your front door. This site also contains lots of good information about how to keep and care for pet fish.
The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, two of America's most trusted aquarium experts, using their combined 90+ years of aquarium experience, created this website for people who love pet fish like they do. Click here for more about the Bailey Brothers, who've been spawning, raising, and shipping pet fish to thousands of customers for over 45-years.
Many useful tips are packed into this site's 1000+ pages about keeping Betta Fish, Fancy Guppies, Mollies, Goldfish, Koi, Angelfish, Piranhas, Eels, Sharks, African Cichlids, Oscars, Puffer Fish, Aquarium Frogs, Shrimp, Crabs, and many other kinds of pet fish and aquatic animals that live in aquariums.
Delivered to your door! Yes, buy some fish and they'll leave here at about 4pm in the afternoon to be delivered the next day before noon to most locations. We've gotten thousands and thousands of emails back, saying the fish arrived safely and are doing well.  
Click on the pictures, just below, to shop online for that kind of fish.
South American Cichlids for sale Fancy Guppies for sale Pufferfish for sale Plecos for sale Platy for sale Neon Tetra for sale
Cichlid Guppies  Puffers Plecos Platy Tetras
Mbuna for sale Danio for sale Malawi Peacock Cichlid for sale Barb Fish for sale Rainbow Fish for sale Gourami for sale
Mbunas Danio Peacock Barb Rainbow Gourami
Oscar Fish for sale Loach for sale Angelfish for sale Shark for sale Goldfish for sale Kissing Fish for sale
Oscar Loach Angel Shark Goldfish  Kissers
Koi for sale Molly for sale Male Betta for sale Female Betta for sale Aquarium Lobster for sale Rare Tropical Fish for sale
Koi Molly Male Betta Female Betta Inverts Wild Fish
Click on the pictures, just above, to shop online for that kind of fish.
Featured Items
We've got about 300-aquariums full of premium quality freshwater fish. David, Stephanie, Jeremy, Bruce, Nevin, and even DrTom pick out some of the best to list here as Featured Items!
Gold Tiger Barbs
27 March 2015
Gold Tiger Barbs
Playful, happy, entertaining and so DrTom had lots of fun raising up these Gold Tiger Barbs. They played together all the time, staying within a few inches of each other. 
If one of them strayed a couple of inches, it soon got the heebie jeebies and quickly returned to the group.
It's also important to realize that these are young fish that are the perfect size to ship and to raise up. But they are not yet in full color, which as premium fish they have the potential to attain.
They'd love to come and play in your aquarium. ;^ }

Click here to shop online for Gold Tiger Barbs.
Click here to learn more about Tiger Barbs.
Click here to read about our Premium Quality Pet Fish.
Plecostomus Catfish at
Plecostomus Catfish at
27 March 2015
Bushy Nose Pleco
The top picture shows a young male, and the lower picture shows a young female. The males have more whiskers. Both of these pictures are of our fish in our aquariums. The unique appearance of this fish stuns a lot of aquarists. They grow to be about 4.5" long, which is just the right size for most aquariums. They're hardy, energetic, and can live for several years with good care.
Click here to shop now for Plecostomus Catfish.
Panda Garra - Aquarium Algae Eater
Panda Garra at, where you can shop online for an Algae Eater Fish.
27 March 2015
Panda Garra
This is a wild fish with the scientific name Garra flavatra, which is imported wild from Burma, where it lives in flowing streams. Fish from streams always need very well filtered water with frequent partial water changes. This is an energetic and peaceful aquarium fish that does very well eating premium flake and pellet foods. Grows to be about 3.5" long. Highly recommended.
Click here to shop online for a Panda Garra.
Fancy Guppies
26 March 2015
Mixed Guppies
A very pregnant female Guppy with three males looking up in awe.
Click here to shop online for Female Guppies.
Click here to shop online for Male Guppies.
Metallic Blue Wag Platy
26 March 2015
Metallic Blue Wag Platy
There are many-many color variations of Aquarium Platys, and Metallic Blue Wags, like the young male shown just above, are one of the very nicest.
The word Wag in Platys and Swordtails is an abbreviation for Wagtail, which means the tail is black. Most folks prefer black tails to the more common clear tails, because black tails are easier to see wagging back and forth.
All of our Platys are premium aquarium fish, which means they're more colorful with a glossy sheen, more energetic, and so excellent aquarium fish. We feed our Platys premium flake and pellet foods.
Click here to shop online for Premium Platys.
Click here to learn more about Platys.
Click here to see a picture gallery of Platys.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
Parkinson's Rainbowfish
Irian Red Rainbowfish
Turquoise Rainbowfish
26 March 2015
All of us love Rainbowfish. They are very pretty, very hardy, very energetic, not too aggressive, and grow to a nice size for aquariums, which means not too big and not too small.
Shown above from top to bottom are a Parkinson's Rainbowfish, a Red Irian Rainbowfish, and a Turquoise Rainbowfish. Everyone of them is a wonderful premium quality aquarium fish. We recommend feeding them premium fish foods.

Click here to shop online for Rainbowfish.
Click here to learn more about Rainbowfish.
Click here to see a picture gallery of Rainbowfish.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
Click here to read about our Premium Quality Pet Fish.
Young male Marmalade Cat Trewavasae
25 March 2015
Assorted Trewavasae Mbuna
Our supplier is spawning several varieties and shipped us a nice big batch of Assorted Trewavasae.
These fish are young, and so it's difficult to determine what they'll grow up to be, but it'll be exciting to raise some up and see just what color patterns they'll develop.
The one shown above looks like a so-called male Marmalade Cat Trewavasae.


Click here to shop online for Assorted Trewavasae Mbuna.
Showa Koi Plakat Betta male
24 March 2015
Showa Koi Betta Male
This is is a young male Plakat Betta with the newly developed Show Koi color pattern. The Show Koi name is derived from the famous Koi of that name.

Click here to shop online for Showa Koi Plakat Betta Males.
24 March 2015
Halfmoon Betta Males
Just arrived, young, unique, male Show-Quality Butterfly Halfmoon Bettas.
Click here to shop online for Butterfly Halfmoon Bettas.
Strawberry Barb
23 March 2015
Strawberry Barb
As you can see, these Barbs have a dazzling color of hot pink.
Like most barbs, these fish are great in any community tank, and they add a great pop of color!
Click here to shop online for Strawberry Barbs.
Cardinal Tetras
23 March 2015
Live Plants & Cardinals
Here's an aquarium full of Live Plants and a few Cardinal Tetras, which makes a beautiful combination.
Right now and almost always we have lots of so-called tank-raised Cardinal Tetras. Tank-raised means they've been raised by very skillful fish farmers and not collected in the Amazon Rainforests, where their ancestors lived.
Right now we also have several premium plants, such as Wisteria, Sword Plants, Crypts, Java Ferns, and Anubias, which are all very hardy and very beautiful aquarium plants.
Our plants are premium plants, as you can see in the picture, just like our fish are premium fish, which you can just barely see in this picture.

Click here to shop online for Live Aquarium Plants.
Click here to shop online for Cardinal Tetras.
Royal Blue Danio
23 March 2015
Royal Blue Danio
The Royal Blue Danio is often referred to as "Blue Trout", because of the way it behaves in the wild. They prefer a heavy current, and plenty of swimming room.
It's amazing to watch these fish eat, they will jump to the surface and then dive right back down! And because they are so fast, their shiny scales glimmer as they race through the water.
Truly a beautiful fish!
Click here to shop online for Royal Blue Danios.
So-called Zebra Blue Angelfish
22 March 2015
Zebra Blue Angelfish
Our guy, DrTom said, "I can't really see any blue in this Zebra Blue Angelfish." Then Stephanie said, "Oh no, look there it is, a bit of blue. I can see it." Whatever the color, this is a very-very nice Angelfish.
Click here to shop online for a Zebra Blue Angelfish.
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We hope these suggestions help!  ;^ }
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