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Aquarium Fish for Sale

Order some and we'll ship them to your front door. This site also contains lots of good information about how to keep and care for pet fish.
The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, two of America's most trusted aquarium experts, using their combined 90+ years of aquarium experience, created this website for people who love pet fish like they do. Click here for more about the Bailey Brothers, who've been spawning, raising, and shipping pet fish to thousands of customers for over 45-years.
Many useful tips are packed into this site's 1000+ pages about keeping Betta Fish, Fancy Guppies, Mollies, Goldfish, Koi, Angelfish, Piranhas, Eels, Sharks, African Cichlids, Oscars, Puffer Fish, Aquarium Frogs, Shrimp, Crabs, and many other kinds of pet fish and aquatic animals that live in aquariums.
Delivered to your door! Yes, buy some fish and they'll leave here at about 4pm in the afternoon to be delivered the next day before noon to most locations. We've gotten thousands and thousands of emails back, saying the fish arrived safely and are doing well.  
Click on the pictures, just below, to shop online for that kind of fish.
South American Cichlids  Fancy Guppies  Pufferfish  Plecos  Platy  Neon Tetra
Cichlid Guppies  Puffers Plecos Platy Tetras
Mbuna  Danio  Malawi Peacock Cichlid  Barb Fish  Rainbow Fish  Gourami
Mbunas Danio Peacock Barb Rainbow Gourami
Oscar Fish  Loach  Angelfish  Shark  Goldfish  Kissing Fish
Oscar Loach Angel Shark Goldfish  Kissers
Koi  Molly  Male Betta  Female Betta  Aquarium Lobster  Rare Tropical Fish
Koi Molly Male Betta Female Betta Inverts Wild Fish
Click on the pictures, just above, to shop online for that kind of fish.
Featured Items
We've got about 300-aquariums full of premium quality freshwater fish. David, Stephanie, Jeremy, Bruce, Nevin, and even DrTom pick out some of the best to list here as Featured Items!
07 October 2013
Glowlight Danio
Every fish species has been molded by its natural environment, but it seems like this fish was molded to live in an aquarium.
It's inexpensive, gorgeous, very hardy, very energetic and active, doesn't really cause trouble, but swims very fast to avoid trouble. It's really a perfect aquarium fish.
We feed all of our Danios premium flake and pellet foods, which they all love to eat. By the way this is a natural occurring species and is not a genetically modified Zebra Danio, like the so-called Glofish.
Click here to shop online for Aquarium Danios.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
Plecostomus Catfish at, where you can shop online for a Pleco.
Plecostomus Catfish at, where you can shop online for a Pleco.
07 October 2013
Marbled Sailfin Pleco
Lot of new aquarists think that Plecostomus species are weird and ugly. But as time goes by most aquarists learn to enjoy Plecostomus catfish more and more and finally come to see the real beauty in them!
There are many many species of Plecos, and the one shown above is one of the best. It eats lots of algae but does not harm most plants. You can see in the picture that it develops a beautiful pattern of orange with chocolate spots.
This species grows to about 12", which is a large fish that will eventually need a large aquarium. It has a lifespan of several or even many years with good care, which includes feeding them premium food.
Click here to buy Marbled Sailfin Plecostomus.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
Exciting New Arrivals!
Click here to go to our New Arrivals page where you can shop for Chewere Elongatus
Mbuna Cichlid, Unique and UniquePlus
® Male Guppies, the True Gold Tetra, Veiltail Cherry Barbs, Leopard Achara Catfish, Whiptail Catfish, Albino Royal Farowella Catfish, and Chocolate Zebra Plecostomus L-270! All of these are fantastic Premium Pet Fish and very exciting. Sorry we don't have pictures of some, but there are links to pictures.
Clouded Archer Fish
08 March 2015
Clouded Archer Fish
This is a rather new and rare Archer Fish. There are thought to be about 6-species of Archer Fish. This species has irregular markings on its body that remind some people with lots of imagination of ... clouds. Whatever the name it's a very cool fish.
Click here to shop online for Clouded Archer Fish.
08 March 2015
Dwarf Siam Loach
This fish was thought to be extinct, and it's still very rare in its natural habitat, but it's now being bred by skillful fish farmers.   ;^ }
Click here to shop online for Dwarf Siam Loaches.
Clearance Items!
Click here to go to our Clearance page where we just added 8 more items with prices reduced by 18% to 48%. If you're looking for cool fish at bargain prices, our Clearance page is a must see for you.
Electric Blue Ram Cichlid
Electric Blue Ram male
23 April 2015
Electric Blue Ram
Aquarists have kept and loved Rams for a long time, but this color variety is NEW! Their scientific name is Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, which has been abbreviated as Ram Cichlid by aquarium hobbyists.
Their ancestors lived in pools on the savannah in northern South America. This is a dazzling new color variety, which grows to be about 2.5" long and is highly recommended as an aquarium fish.
The top picture, above, shows a young EB Ram, like the ones we have for sale, and the lower picture shows a mature male.

Click here to shop for Electric Blue Rams.
Click here to read about our Premium Quality Fish.
Male Orange Pot Belly Molly
23 April 2015
Pot Belly Molly
This little guy is like a Dwarf Molly. We have them in a variety of colors. Orange like this one, and Black, White, ...
The Big Katuna picked this gorgeous male out an aquarium with over one-hundred Pot Bellies, and lately the The Big Katuna has been helping DrTom, who really just presses the shutter button on the camera.
The Big Katuna buys all the fish that are for sale on this website, and he knows just where to find the best ones to photograph. Credit where credit is due, and the TBK is due a lot!
Click here to shop online for Mollies.
Click here to read about Premium Quality Pet Fish.
 Tip: Indexes to Pet Fish
Click here to go to a web page in this site that contains links to pages with Indexes of all the fish sold or discussed in this web site. Or click on each of the following links: Tropical Fish, Goldfish and Koi, Cichlids, Scavengers and Catfish, Brackish Water Fishes, and Miscellaneous Critters.
Fire Ring Danio
Fire Ring Danio Female
23 April 2015
Fire Ring Danios
The top picture shows a young mature male and the lower picture shows a young mature female, which you can see is plumper than the male. This is a wonderful pet fish, because it's hardy, energetic, and compatible with many kinds of fish. It's small and can live in either a cool water aquarium with cool water fish, or it can live in a warm water aquarium with Tropical Fish.
Click here for more about cool water aquariums.
Click here for more about warm water aquariums.
Click here now to shop online for Fire Ring Danios.
Click here for more information about Danios.
Pet Fish Talk Podcasts
Pet Fish Talk, an MP3 PodCast, is a weekly internet talk show about keeping pet fish, such as Tropical Fish and goldfish, in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds. The shows were hosted by the Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, Click on this image for more information.  
Click here to go to, the web site with hundreds of podcasts about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls and ponds, hosted by The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, who own and operate
Platy fish
22 April 2015
Gorgeous Platies
Wowie Zowie look at those Platies. Both pictures were taken in our aquariums by one of us of our fish! To be honest we've never seen Platies anywhere else like the Platies in our aquariums.
If you order Platies from us, they won't look like these, but they have the potential to develop into Platies like these. Like a young kitten or puppy that has the potential to become a beautiful cat or dog.
You need very good young Platies like these, good water in your aquarium, feed really good food a few times a day, plenty of TLC, and a little bit of patience.
That is the way we do it. It's not hard, and it works every time for us. These Platies shine!
Click here to shop online for Platies.
Click here for more about Platys.
Click here to learn more about very good food for Platies.
Click here to read about the easy way to have good aquarium water for your fish.
Clown Loaches
22 April 2015
Clown Loaches
Here's a picture of DrTom's Clown Loaches all cramming together. Usually they just can't get close enough to each other, which makes them all the more fun to watch.
Clown Loaches are one of the very best aquarium fish. Highly Recommended.

Click here to shop online for Clown Loaches.
Click here to learn about Clown Loaches.
Hybrid Synodontis Catfish
Feather Fin Squeaker, Synodontis Catfish
22 April 2015
Synodontis Catfish
Oops! The item featured just below, Upside Down Catfish, is sold out for now. So we don't have any to ship. We apologize, if this disappoints you.
Right now we have two other Synodontis Catfish, that are both very nice aquarium fish and are shown shown in the pictures just above.
The top fish is probably a hybrid of two different Synodontis species. Some fishkeepers don't like hybrids, but many popular aquarium fish like Angelfish, Swordtails, Platys, Mollies, and Serpae Tetras are hybrids, and they're very popular.
The fish in the second picture is a so-called Feather Fin Squeaker, and they, like all Synodontis, will make squeaking sounds.

Click here now to shop online for Synodontis Catfish.
Click here for more information about Synodontis.
Aquarium Fiddler Crab
21 April 2015
Gold Fiddler Crab
Here's a very pretty and interesting small aquarium crab, which is called a Gold Fiddler Crab, because some people with lots of imagination think his big claw looks like a fiddle.
Even if your imagination is not so good, it's still fun to have a few of these crabs scurrying around the bottom of your aquarium.

Click here to shop online for Aquarium Crabs.
Click here to learn more about Aquarium Crabs.
Giant Danio
21 April 2015
Giant Danio
This is a long time aquarium favorite. It's hardy and very active. Grows to a very nice size of about 6". When given good care and lots of premium food, it becomes very colorful!
Click here to shop online for Giant Danios.
Click here to learn more about keeping Danios.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
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Gold Butterfly Koi
21 April 2015
Butterfly Koi
Now's the time to get Pond Koi, or is it? Some folks get the urge in the spring. But those of us, who love Koi, get them anytime during the year ... like right now.
We get Koi and put them in our aquarium, so we can watch them carefully. You can't get a view from underneath your Koi, like the picture just above, in a pond.
We enjoy watching our Koi in our aquariums for a few months, seeing them feeding and twisting and turning. We plan to give them an appropriate name, talk with them, and really get to know them.
They'll grow quite a bit and be really ready to go outside in a pond next spring.

Click here to shop online for Pond Koi.
Click here to learn more about Koi.
Click here for more about naming your fish.
Celestial Pearl Danio
21 April 2015
Celestial Pearl Danio
This is a rather new and rare addition to aquariums. It's also a very small fish, that's one of the best fish for very small aquariums.
Like other Danios it's very hardy and energetic, but its patterns and colors are quite different from other Danios. We like this fish a lot and recommend it.

Click here to shop online for Celestial Pearl Danios.
Fancy Fantail Goldfish
20 April 2015
Fancy Goldfish
The Goldfish shown just above is a Fantastic Fantail, and we also sell Orandas, Telescope Butterflies, Pearlscales, Bubble Eyes, Lionheads, and many more types of Fancy Goldfish.
Looking at our Goldfish, like the one shown in the picture just above, brings to mind a comment that a customer sent to us, "There is nowhere else with fish like the fish on !"

We are ever so proud of the fish in our aquariums and of the fish in the aquariums of the customers that we serve.
Click here to shop online for Fantails.
Click here to shop online for Orandas.
Click here to shop online for Telescope Butterflies.
Click here to shop online for more Fancy Goldfish.
Click here for more information about Fancy Goldfish.
Click here to read about our Premium Quality Pet Fish.
Gold Ring Loach
20 April 2015
Gold Ring Loach
This is the most beautiful member of the Hillstream Loach group, because of its very attractive pattern. This fish is very hardy and energetic. It's a rather new species in the aquarium hobby, and a wonderful aquarium fish that loves to eat premium flake and pellet foods.  ;^ }
Click here to shop online for a Gold Ring Loach.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
20 April 2015
Our Aquariums
Here's one of many big stands of aquariums in Baileys. The aquariums are made of plastic with a panel of glass in the front. They're now more than 39-years old and still work as well as ever.

The large white aquarium stands are properly made with shear panels in two directions and strong cables supporting the third direction. Each stand has lighting, air, water, uv-sterilizer, and everything else needed to support the fish.

It's been a fascinating experience to design, build, and then constantly enhance these stands and aquariums. 

African Butterflyfish
20 April 2015
African Butterflyfish
These are a very long time favorite aquarium fish. They naturally eat bugs on the surface of the water, but in aquariums they'll usually eat high quality floating pellet food.
Click here to shop online for African Butterflyfish.
Electric Yellow Labideochromis Cichlid
19 April 2015
Another Fabulous Fish
There's a very funny story about a fellow who was sure this fish was so beautiful that it had to be a saltwater fish. But it's a freshwater fish, whose ancestors lived among the rocks along the shores of Lake Malawi in East Africa.
Some people now call those piles of rocks, rocky reefs, and fish, like this one that live there, reef fish, because Lake Malawi is such a huge lake that it's like an ocean.
Whatever the reason this young male Electric Yellow is a gorgeous fish, and this species is very hardy, very energetic, not too aggressive, and grows to be about 3.5" long, which is a nice size for an aquarium fish.
This species is also likely to breed, especially when
fed plenty of premium foods.
Click here to shop online for an Electric Yellow.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
Click here to shop online for CichlidStones

Click here to learn about the fish from Lake Malawi.
 Customer Comments
"Hi! Just wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with the fish I ordered from you!  When I received the fish, I just kept saying "WOW!" with each new bag. They are all beautiful, happy little fish. And thank you very much for including a free fish! As an extra added attraction, one of the peacocks ... has a mouthful of babies! ... The male guppies are absolutely gorgeous, nowhere in any store around here have I seen any that pretty! Thank you again, and I will be ordering from you soon!  You are now my number 1 fish supplier!" Pam Van H., Pflugerville, Texas
Click here to read more customer comments.
Gold Tiger Barbs
27 March 2015
Gold Tiger Barbs
Playful, happy, entertaining and so DrTom had lots of fun raising up these Gold Tiger Barbs. They played together all the time, staying within a few inches of each other. 
If one of them strayed a couple of inches, it soon got the heebie jeebies and quickly returned to the group.
It's also important to realize that these are young fish that are the perfect size to ship and to raise up. But they are not yet in full color, which as premium fish they have the potential to attain.
They'd love to come and play in your aquarium. ;^ }

Click here to shop online for Gold Tiger Barbs.
Click here to learn more about Tiger Barbs.
Click here to read about our Premium Quality Pet Fish.
Plecostomus Catfish at
Plecostomus Catfish at
27 March 2015
Bushy Nose Pleco
The top picture shows a young male, and the lower picture shows a young female. The males have more whiskers. Both of these pictures are of our fish in our aquariums. The unique appearance of this fish stuns a lot of aquarists. They grow to be about 4.5" long, which is just the right size for most aquariums. They're hardy, energetic, and can live for several years with good care.
Click here to shop now for Plecostomus Catfish.
Panda Garra - Aquarium Algae Eater
Panda Garra at, where you can shop online for an Algae Eater Fish.
27 March 2015
Panda Garra
This is a wild fish with the scientific name Garra flavatra, which is imported wild from Burma, where it lives in flowing streams. Fish from streams always need very well filtered water with frequent partial water changes. This is an energetic and peaceful aquarium fish that does very well eating premium flake and pellet foods. Grows to be about 3.5" long. Highly recommended.
Click here to shop online for a Panda Garra.
Fancy Guppies
26 March 2015
Mixed Guppies
A very pregnant female Guppy with three males looking up in awe.
Click here to shop online for Female Guppies.
Click here to shop online for Male Guppies.
Metallic Blue Wag Platy
26 March 2015
Metallic Blue Wag Platy
There are many-many color variations of Aquarium Platys, and Metallic Blue Wags, like the young male shown just above, are one of the very nicest.
The word Wag in Platys and Swordtails is an abbreviation for Wagtail, which means the tail is black. Most folks prefer black tails to the more common clear tails, because black tails are easier to see wagging back and forth.
All of our Platys are premium aquarium fish, which means they're more colorful with a glossy sheen, more energetic, and so excellent aquarium fish. We feed our Platys premium flake and pellet foods.
Click here to shop online for Premium Platys.
Click here to learn more about Platys.
Click here to see a picture gallery of Platys.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
Parkinson's Rainbowfish
Irian Red Rainbowfish
Turquoise Rainbowfish
26 March 2015
All of us love Rainbowfish. They are very pretty, very hardy, very energetic, not too aggressive, and grow to a nice size for aquariums, which means not too big and not too small.
Shown above from top to bottom are a Parkinson's Rainbowfish, a Red Irian Rainbowfish, and a Turquoise Rainbowfish. Everyone of them is a wonderful premium quality aquarium fish. We recommend feeding them premium fish foods.

Click here to shop online for Rainbowfish.
Click here to learn more about Rainbowfish.
Click here to see a picture gallery of Rainbowfish.
Click here for more about premium fish foods.
Click here to read about our Premium Quality Pet Fish.
Young male Marmalade Cat Trewavasae
25 March 2015
Assorted Trewavasae Mbuna
Our supplier is spawning several varieties and shipped us a nice big batch of Assorted Trewavasae.
These fish are young, and so it's difficult to determine what they'll grow up to be, but it'll be exciting to raise some up and see just what color patterns they'll develop.
The one shown above looks like a so-called male Marmalade Cat Trewavasae.


Click here to shop online for Assorted Trewavasae Mbuna.
Showa Koi Plakat Betta male
24 March 2015
Showa Koi Betta Male
This is is a young male Plakat Betta with the newly developed Show Koi color pattern. The Show Koi name is derived from the famous Koi of that name.

Click here to shop online for Showa Koi Plakat Betta Males.
24 March 2015
Halfmoon Betta Males
Just arrived, young, unique, male Show-Quality Butterfly Halfmoon Bettas.
Click here to shop online for Butterfly Halfmoon Bettas.
Strawberry Barb
23 March 2015
Strawberry Barb
As you can see, these Barbs have a dazzling color of hot pink.
Like most barbs, these fish are great in any community tank, and they add a great pop of color!
Click here to shop online for Strawberry Barbs.
Cardinal Tetras
23 March 2015
Live Plants & Cardinals
Here's an aquarium full of Live Plants and a few Cardinal Tetras, which makes a beautiful combination.
Right now and almost always we have lots of so-called tank-raised Cardinal Tetras. Tank-raised means they've been raised by very skillful fish farmers and not collected in the Amazon Rainforests, where their ancestors lived.
Right now we also have several premium plants, such as Wisteria, Sword Plants, Crypts, Java Ferns, and Anubias, which are all very hardy and very beautiful aquarium plants.
Our plants are premium plants, as you can see in the picture, just like our fish are premium fish, which you can just barely see in this picture.

Click here to shop online for Live Aquarium Plants.
Click here to shop online for Cardinal Tetras.
Royal Blue Danio
23 March 2015
Royal Blue Danio
The Royal Blue Danio is often referred to as "Blue Trout", because of the way it behaves in the wild. They prefer a heavy current, and plenty of swimming room.
It's amazing to watch these fish eat, they will jump to the surface and then dive right back down! And because they are so fast, their shiny scales glimmer as they race through the water.
Truly a beautiful fish!
Click here to shop online for Royal Blue Danios.
So-called Zebra Blue Angelfish
22 March 2015
Zebra Blue Angelfish
Our guy, DrTom said, "I can't really see any blue in this Zebra Blue Angelfish." Then Stephanie said, "Oh no, look there it is, a bit of blue. I can see it." Whatever the color, this is a very-very nice Angelfish.
Click here to shop online for a Zebra Blue Angelfish.
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  Click here now to order 500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish: A Visual Reference to the Most Popular Species, a beautiful book, lovingly written and illustrated, with information for the beginner or the longtime enthusiast.
  Click here now to order Fancy Goldfish: A Complete Guide ... by Eric L. Johnson, DMV, and Richard E. Hess. The most encompassing and thorough treatment of the fancy goldfish hobby to date. Hardcover with 176 pages.
Click here now for many more fishy books.
We hope these suggestions help!  ;^ }
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