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Wild Aquarium Fish for Sale
This page contains a list links to several other pages in this web site with fish that have been collected from the wild and offered here for sale.
Click on one of the links, listed below, to go to the web page with those fish.
Wild African Fish
Click here for Elephant Nose, Baby Whale, Butterfly Fish, Leaf Fish, African Tiger Fish, Bichirs, Ctenopomas, African Knifefish, Electric Catfish, African Lungfish, and more.
Wild Asian Fish
Click here for Clown Knife, Pikeheads, Bumblebee Catfish, Halfbeaks, Panda Loach, Gobies, Gudgeons, Crazy Fish, Datnioides, and more.
Wild Amazon Fish
Click here for Arowanas, Knifefish, "Paraya", Silver Dollars, Pacu, Head Standers, Leporinus, Gar Fish, Shovelnose Catfish, Red Tail Catfish, Barracuda, Dragon Fish, and more.
Brackish Water Fish
Click here for Archer Fish, Columbian Shark, Gobies, Brackish Water Puffer Fish, Flounders, Monos., Scats, Silver Needle Nose Gars, and more.
Mollies are also Brackish Water Fish but are almost always raised by fish farmers and not wild fish.
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