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 Five Highly Recommended
Products for Your Fish
On this page you can buy five products that we highly recommend: (1) DrTim's AquaCleanse - Water Conditioner, (2) DrTim's Waste-Away - Natural Aquarium Cleaner, (3) a bag of Denitrifying Lava Rock, (4) Premium Flake, and (5) Premium Pellet Food.
You can add one or all of these products to your live fish order without additional shipping charges ... this is a good deal !!  





8600 DrTim's Aquatics - Aqua Cleanse - Aquarium Water Conditioner.  

Tapwater Detoxifier

Tapwater contains chemicals that kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites, making tapwater safe to drink.
Aqua- Cleanse neutralizes these chemicals and makes tapwater safe for fish.
8610 DrTim's Aquatics - Waste-Away - Natural Aquarium Cleaner.  

Aquarium Cleaner

Fish produce waste that accumulates in the gravel, in the filter, and just about everywhere.
Waste-Away contains natural beneficial microbes that digest fish waste and clean the aquarium.
8691 Denitrifying Lava Rock - recommended for all aquariums to reduce nitrate.  

Lava Rocks

These rocks are sold and intended for use in aquariums.
Put them in an aquarium, and beneficial microbes will begin to reproduce inside these rocks and soon these microbes will begin to digest and remove toxic nitrate from the aquarium water.
Highly recommended for all aquariums, all fish bowls, and all ponds.
8701 Xtreme Flake Food  
Flake Food

with Spirulina Algae and Krill.
Good for almost all Freshwater Fish.
Shipping Charges: Use this code to order this item with a fish order and pay no additional shipping charges.
8703 Xtreme Pellet Food  
Pellet Food

Good for almost all Freshwater Fish
Shipping Charges: Use this code to order this item with a fish order and pay no additional shipping charges.





How to Shop

Look for the name and picture of the item you want to buy. Then move your mouse cursor across the page to the button that looks like ...

and click on that button; the pop-up Shopping Bag will open on the screen.
The item you just clicked will be in the Shopping Bag. Next adjust the quantity that you want to buy in the bag.
You can remove an item from the bag by clicking on the word Remove in bold type font. 
o continue shopping, click to close the Shopping Bag.
you're done shopping, click on the green-colored button labeled "Checkout", and follow the instructions.
There is a text box to add a Special Request on one of the check out screens.

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Our Prices

on this page are all for one item, which is usually one fish, but may be one plant, one crab, or one fish bowl.

Shipping Charges
are usually shipping for one shipment, containing any number of items, sent to one address. One item or one-hundred items the Shipping Charges are usually the same. Click here for the complete information about shipping.
Special Requests
We know that some customers would like to make a special request with their order. For example, "the largest Oscar", or "the smallest Oscar", or "2 male and 4 female Platies", "the reddest red Betta Male", etc.
If you send us a Special Request with your order, we'll try to send you what you request. Click here for more about how to send us a Special Request with your order.
If you need Assistance
Click here to contact us by email, by phone, by fax, or by mail.




More Details about these Products
The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, believe there have been just a few major products created in the past 40-years that have really changed aquarium keeping. The first was the Bio-Wheel Aquarium Filter.
Click here to learn more about Bio-Wheel Aquarium Filters.
The products shown below on this page have also really changed keeping aquariums.
DrTim's AquaCleanse
is the best aquarium water conditioner available. One popular water conditioner contains organics, which is what we're trying to get out of aquarium water. Tapwater from a faucet contains chemicals that kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites, making tapwater safe for humans, dogs, cats, etc. to drink. AquaCleanse neutralizes these chemicals and makes tapwater safe for fish.
Click here to learn about all of DrTim's products.
DrTim's Waste-Away
is another product that makes a huge difference. It contains special live bacteria that you should regularly add in small amounts to your aquarium. These bacteria will digest most of waste produced by the fish and keep the water much fresher. It is amazing how well Waste-Away works to freshen the water and clean the aquarium.
Click here to learn about all of DrTim's products.  
Denitrifying Lava Rock
is the best way to reduce the nitrate in your aquarium water. These rocks are sold and intended for use in aquariums. Put them in an aquarium, and beneficial bacteria will begin to reproduce inside these rocks and remove nitrate from the aquarium water.
Click here to learn more about denitrification of aquarium water.
Premium Fish Foods
have also made a huge change to keeping fish in aquariums. Premium quality fish foods are now so good that you do not need to feed most types of fish anything else. Your fish no longer need to eat live or frozen foods. Everything your fish need is included in the wide variety of nutrients contained in premium foods. A very few fish, like most Eels, will not eat anything flakes or pellets, but almost all types of fish will flourish when fed premium pellets and premium flakes.
Click here to learn more about premium   fish foods.
Shipping Charges
The items, shown above, for sale on this page can be shipped with a fish order and without additional shipping charges, which you will be able to check by viewing your Shopping Bag before finalizing your order.
Click here now to order more of DrTim's products,
But remember, you can click on the Add to Bag buttons on this page to add any of the items listed above to your order without additional shipping charges.
Click here for more about ordering from us.
Click here to contact us about your order.

Customer Comments

Well you seem to have hit on a winning combination with Extreme food, lava rock, bio-wheels, and Waste Away. I use all of those things in one of my 55 gallon planted aquariums ..., and both my Diamond Tetras and Bolivian Rams (Mikrogeophagus altispinosa) have spawned ...
The Waste Away seems to help all of my aquariums but it's especially helpful in my shrimp and crayfish tank. There are constantly shrimp and crayfish babies in there, some of them are not much bigger than a piece of lint and really hard to see, so I can't really vacuum the bottom. Waste Away seems to help gunk collect in the filter better so I can get more of it out.
I attempted to add Dr. Tim's Aqua Cleanse to a our Shopping Bag (this is in the section for ordering without a fish order). The link will only open up my PayPal account, it will not add an item to the cart. I also want to order some Waste-Away with it. That link works fine. Can you please let me know when the Aqua Cleanse link is working? Thank you!
Carolyn H.
Brentwood, Missouri
Reply. Hello Carolyn, thank you for your email, which was actually much longer than shown above and filled with interesting comments!!
I just tested the PayPal button that you mentioned near the end of your email, and that button works for me now on all three of my computers, but I've had similar problems from time to time in the past with PayPal buttons.
Incidentally, you cannot mix items sold above on this page with items sold on the other web page. They must go in separate PayPal orders. Maybe that's part of the problem with your order. When I tried to order items on both pages, it worked for me, but I got charged twice for the shipping charges, which we do not want. Click here to go to the other page now.
Here's what I recommend to you and to anyone else with a similar problem in PayPal. First try ordering, what you want from the top of this page or click here to order from the other page, but do not order a mixture of items from the two pages.
If that does not work, then send us your PayPal order, omitting the AquaCleanse and any other buttons that do not work for you. Add a Special Request to us in the our Shopping Bag, asking us to add AquaCleanse to your order. We will then email you back a copy of your revised order with a PayPal request for money to pay the balance. Click here for more about making a Special Request with your order from us.
We apologize to you for this inconvenience! We'll try to fix the problem that you've reported about the our Shopping Bag. Thanks again for your very interesting email and your alert to us that the cart is not working correctly now for you.
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